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DL Bach is an author and poet who has been writing for over thirty years and currently resides in Knoxville, TN.  She has published many poems, short stories and articles through online channels, particularly Triond.com.  Her first novel “Through God’s Mercy” was released May 30, 2009 but has been recalled by the author to allow her to rewrite and republish a much better quality book for her fans.  DL maintains her personal writing blog at DeeEl's Mo Chroí Scríofa (http://dlbach.com/deeels/).  She is active in peer reviews with the on-line write site http://www.writing.com/ where some of her own work is also posted.

DL began writing in junior high school as a shy teenager and there she found her “voice” in the written word.  While attending community college she took a creative writing course and really began to explore her talent and skills.  It was during this time that she wrote brief articles for her company newspaper where she worked as a juvenile offender counselor. 

DL continues to write poetry and other personal pieces while working on her second novel.  She is also, currently working on a non-fiction book about Meniere’s disease. Also in current works are two books of poetry.  One book is poetry relating to her favorite television program, Flashpoint, which is a Canadian police drama and she hopes to be able to publish it in Toronto.  The second book of poetry will combine her verse with many photos she has taken over the years.  DL’s blog and writing.com portfolio offer a means of accepting feedback from the general population and she welcomes all constructive criticism.


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